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Get Whiter, Brighter Teeth With Bleaching
There is probably no simpler way to whiten, brighten and dazzle your smile than with bleaching.  It is safe, effective and surprisingly simple.

The results are almost immediate and your teeth can be kept looking great with almost no maintenance.  It only takes an hour a day for about two weeks to get the desired results. 

There is no more effective way to whiten your teeth than an office based system. Over the counter kits and whitening toothpastes do not offer the customized fitting and prescription gel necessary for excellent results.
 Only a dentist can give you the results you want!
The above case shows typical results that can be achieved with bleaching after less than two weeks of treatment and the procedure is amazingly simple.

On your initial visit, impressions are taken of your teeth so that clear, flexible custom trays can be made to fit precisely over the areas to be whitened.  These trays are extremely comfortable and virtually invisible.

Once fabricated, you are given the custom trays,  prescription bleaching gel and instructions.  You apply the gel inside the trays in a specific manner and the trays are then placed over the teeth and kept into position for about one and a half hours. This is done on a daily basis at a time and place convenient to you and in about two weeks your teeth will be looking their best!