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Of Patient Smiles
Thank you for giving me back something I lost, my smile. I got back my confidence to talk to people without being afraid of what they were thinking of my teeth.  R.P.

Cosmetic Dentistry - Not Just For Looks!
The above case exhibits a patient in which cosmetic dentistry was done to restore the form, function and looks of  the mouth.

The before picture shows an extreme amount of breakdown and decay (the dark areas) along with an unsightly and uneven smile. This patient, who is also pictured at the right, was embarrassed to smile.

The after picture shows the result following the placement of six anterior (front) all-porcelain crowns.  Not only was all of the unsightly and destructive decay handled, but the crowns were fabricated to give the patient a great looking, straight smile.  These crowns also have the properties to allow the teeth to look
100% natural and they also strengthen the teeth.
Today's dental materials are truly amazing. Properly using these materials can make your teeth and smile look completely natural. They can eliminate those old, ugly, dark "silver" fillings and fake looking front "caps" and most importantly rebuild your smile to make it stronger and healthier than ever before.

Crowns, bonded onlays and tooth colored fillings are primarily used to rebuild a smile when it is breaking down.  Crowns are used on both front and back teeth when there is a lot of destruction to completely rebuild and strengthen the teeth.  Bonded onlays are used when larger fillings on back teeth won't properly do the job and not only restore the tooth completely, but are virtually invisible.  Tooth colored fillings can be used in smaller areas of breakdown and decay in place of unsightly "silver-mercury" fillings.

All of these types of treatments along with implants, veneers, bridges and precision partials are available to you to make your smile stronger and look fantastic. We will be able to determine what will work for your individual case and show you the results we have obtained with other patients when we are planning your treatment.