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Healthy Gums - Your Foundation for a Beautiful Smile
Most adults have some form of gum and bone disease.  Unlike most diseases that can give us early warning signs, gum disease progresses silently and without any initial pain or discomfort.  The facts are that 50% of people 18 years and older have the start of gum problems and after the age of 35, 3 out of 4 adults have more advanced stages of gum and bone disease.

Gum and bone (or periodontal) disease is a tenacious infection that destroys the gums surrounding your teeth and then proceeds to destroy the supporting bone that holds your teeth in place. You cannot determine if you have gum disease by simply looking in your mouth.  Measurements must be taken around each and every tooth to properly determine healthy tissue. Some of the cardinal signs of gum and bone disease are: bleeding when brushing or flossing; red, swollen or tender gums; teeth that are loose or separating and persistent bad breath.

Fortunately, gum and bone disease may now be effectively treated with a gentle, effective, non-surgical treatment known as Soft Tissue Management.
Before Soft Tissue Management Treatment

After Soft Tissue Management Treatment
The above patient was effectively  treated with our Soft Tissue Management Program. Note in the before picture the build up of infectious tartar and how it has caused the gum tissue to become swollen, reddish-purple, inflamed and also infected.

The program consists of professional, in-office care that removes and detoxifies the infectious buildup above and below the gumline and even in between the teeth.  Special medications are used to flush out the bacteria that caused the infection along with a home care device and medications to maintain the treatment that was accomplished.

The proper program can be recommended for you and the results, as can be seen in the after picture, are nothing short of remarkable!

I have always loved my smile - and now it's more beautiful than ever!   R.T.