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Braces aren't just for kids anymore!  The above case illustrates how effective orthodontics can be for adults.

The before picture shows an adult female with extreme crowding on both the upper and lower teeth.

The after picture shows how great the smile still looks six years after the completion of treatment.  The treatment time for this case was only 14 months.

Orthodontics And Braces For All Ages!
Let's face it, everyone wants to have a smile with straight, beautiful teeth. With today's modern technology it is now easier and quicker than ever to have your teeth straightened.  Patients of all ages are now getting the look they've always wanted!

Traditional braces now move teeth faster than ever. Some cases may be done in as little as six months time! This of course depends upon the individual case but braces are the fastest, most predictable way to move teeth into an ideal look and position.

"Invisible braces" are also available for some selected case types.  These are actually a series of clear retainers designed to move teeth. These retainers literally fit over your teeth and are virtually undetectable.  They do not function as efficiently as traditional braces but may be the answer for patients with special needs given the right circumstances.  We will always discuss the type of orthodontics best suited for your needs when doing an evaluation.
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