Dr. David Petti
777 Pine Valley Drive    Pittsburgh, PA 15239
About Your First Visit To Our Office
It is the purpose of our office for you and your family to have a comfortable and informative visit and relationship with the doctor and all of the staff.  We will treat you with the same thoroughness and quality care as we would treat ourselves.

Upon arriving at the office you will be greeted by our receptionist.  She will have you fill out all of the necessary forms which include health history, personal data, the HIPAA (federal government privacy act) form and our financial and appointment policy forms.  These items are not only necessary for you to understand how our office operates, but they also help us evaluate your needs and are legal documents that are required to be on file.

It is also important for all patients to arrive to complete these forms before your appointed time. Our staff prides itself by staying on schedule and rarely do we keep our patients waiting. We respect your time and ask you do the same for us.
Once registration is complete you are brought back to the treatment areas where you will meet the treatment staff.  The first thing we will do is to communicate with you and find out if there are any current problems we need to address.  We'll then find out about your past dental treatment and most importantly what is needed and wanted from you so we can help you accomplish your dental goals.

We will then perform a thorough exam process which includes a complete charting of existing dental work and the present condition of all the teeth.  All necessary radiographs (x-rays) are then taken to evaluate and detect hidden problems.  These may include a panoramic x-ray and bite x-rays which check for bone structure and decay in between the teeth. We'll then do a thorough evaluation to detect gum and bone disease, which measures the health and foundation of the supporting structures.  (See "Healthy Gums" section for further details).  Next, we check for any abnormal growths or problems in your mouth. Following this will be a tour of your mouth with an intraoral camera.  This is a small wireless camera that will allow you to see your individual teeth and any other areas of concern on a monitor. All of the above steps are important to ensure a complete and thorough exam. We know that if we help you see and understand your conditions and problems, then any necessary treatment will make sense and be of value to you.

Finally, we will review and discuss with you all of our clinical findings. We will take time to ensure you understand exactly what is going on with your dental health and the solutions that will help you.  A complete treatment plan is based off of these findings.  This plan will consist of treatment that will be needed along with treatment that you may desire such as cosmetic improvements, braces, bleaching, etc.  This plan will be reviewed with you along with all costs involved prior to the start of any treatment. (See "Insurance/Payment" section for further details).